H Samuel Merry Hill Contact Number: 01384 75601

To contact H Samuel Merry Hill store, you can call their customer service line on 01384 75601.

H Samuel was founded in 1862 and has its roots in clock making and repair. The company soon changed its focus to Jewellery and the rest as they say is history. Today they have more than 300 stores all over the United Kingdom.

The wearing of jewellery is part of the human experience. It’s typical for children to wear their toys or anything they could find (maybe mom’s necklace or dad’s ring) and pretend that they’re the queen or the princess (or kings and princes for that matter) of their castles. Even when kids’ behaviour can be written off as a form of imitation, modern day tribesmen and primitive humans who wear jewellery provide evidence for the argument that adornment of our body with any form of decoration is sort of an innate instinct. Perhaps this is done to make ourselves better looking to the opposite sex.

Today, these primitive inclinations need not be the reason for buying jewellery. Reasons can be as simple as just getting a gift for yourself as a reward for your hardwork or as deep as getting ready to propose to your special someone. When you’re in the mood to buy a ring, a necklace, a pair of earrings or any other jewellery piece, then you can probably find the best deals on H Samuel Merry Hill.

Telephone Number

To check the availability of the item that you have chosen to purchase, you can call the H Samuel Merry Hill store on their store phone line on +44 1384 75601.

Visit H Samuel Online

If you’re planning on buying that special gift for your mother, father, sibling, friend or special someone, then just browse their online brochure on their website at: http://www.hsamuel.co.uk/

Post to H Samuel Merry Hill

You can send a letter to the H Samuel Merry Hill store at the following address:

Unit L42,
Merry Hill,
West Midlands,
DY5 1SL,
United Kingdom.

They’re open from 9am – 9pm during the weekdays, from 9am – 7pm on Saturdays and from 11am – 5pm on Sundays.