EE Contact Number: 07953 966 250

If you find yourself unlucky enough to have lost your EE phone, then call the EE (lost phone) customer support line by dialling 150 on an EE phone or 07953 966 250 from any other network.

In today’s world, the phone is an invaluable extension of the person. This is clearly observable just about anywhere. Everywhere you go, whether you’re just crossing the street on your way to work or while you’re jogging around the park, everyone you’ll meet will probably have a phone – perhaps from EE – attached to them somehow. Their phones will likely be in their hands as they move around their thumbs and fingers, liking every post or texting every friend about the latest news in school. They may have their phones inside their pocket with their earphones dangling from their ears down to their phones.

For those who are engaging in highly physical activities like running or body building, their phones will most likely be attached to their arms via arm straps to measure their time or progress via a workout app. Because your phone allows you instant connectivity to your world, you rarely leave it behind. The only time you’ll probably leave your house without it is when you forget about it accidentally – which, if you’re like everyone else, happens rarely because we just feel a little bit incomplete without our phones. We are all phone addicts to put it bluntly.

EE (lost phone) Phone Numbers

Now, when your EE phone gets lost or stolen, you can call the EE (lost phone) line on 07953 966 250 from phones not registered to the EE network or you can dial 150 from an EE phone. If you’re abroad, you can call them on +44 7953 966 250.

When you call them, they can assist you in a few ways. First of all, they can block the lost phone making it unusable on the EE network. This is appropriate to spite those who may have stolen the device. You can also set up a password so that if the phone gets returned or if you find it later, then you can just unblock it.

If you’re covered by insurance, you can just call 07953 966 250 to make a claim and get a replacement.