B&Q Bilston Contact Number: 019 0240 7300

To contact the B&Q Bilston store in Wolverhampton, just call them on their store phone line on 019 0240 7300.

With the availability of power tools, do-it-yourself kits and DIY-centric stores like the B&Q Bilston store, home improvement projects are now a breeze. The main attraction with doing it yourself is the sense of ownership and accomplishment that comes with the completion of the work. Sure, if you’re a newbie to this, your lines won’t be as straight as they should be but this is a very small price to pay in exchange for that new kitchen counter, or that new bedroom set at half the price. Savings – that’s the main advantage to this, well, that and you get to scratch your creative itch.

The B&Q Bilston store is the perfect store to stock up on your supplies if you live in Wolverhampton. They have all the tools, equipment and supplies you need to remodel a room, build a bed set, make your dream kitchen or altogether build a new room out of scratch. Why stop there even? With everything available there, you can create your very own little workshed, or even your very own little house (think: pool house or tree house) outside your house if you so desire.

You can buy timber as well as have them cut and resized. You can also pick out your desired colour and have it mixed to the perfect shade. You can walk around their store and look at their various model displays. You don’t have to do them as is, but you can learn a lot of techniques as well as some aesthetic arrangements by studying their showroom displays.

B&Q Bilston Phone Numbers

You can call the store for information about product availability and feedbacks on 019 0240 7300.

If you prefer to send your enquiries by fax, their fax number is 019 0240 7310.

Store Address

The B&Q Bilston store is located at:

Spring Vale Business Park,
Black Country Route,
West Midlands,
WV14 0QL,
United Kingdom.

They’re open from 7am-8pm during the weekdays, from 7am-7pm on Saturdays and from 10am-4 pm on Sundays.