Ship Security Assessments, or SSAs, are a crucial part of any maritime schedule – making sure all parts of a given boat are safe from threats or malfunctions both internal and external. This internationally supported examination makes sure that all parts of ship operations proceed well – the operational policies in place are rigorously analysed for flaws or shortcomings, while bad habits and improper practices of crew members is also taken into account. Finally, the likelihood of problems arising from cargoes stored, plus the overall condition and state of a ship, is scrutinised.

Abiding strictly by the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS), the SSA is a necessary and crucial part of any modern ship’s operational functioning. Each year, thousands of Chief Security Officers (CSO) conduct this procedure upon seagoing boats all around the world, using the SSA as a method of promoting good ship maintenance, navigation and care on the part of their crews.

Here at SSA Scot we aim to promote good practice in making sure commercial and leisure vessels receive these assessments regularly. If a ship has recently had a partial or wholesale overhaul of crew or ownership, we doubly encourage that the SSA procedure take place post-haste.

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